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Taiyuan Taihang Pressure Test Technology Co., Ltd.    

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basic information
Product description
Display: The front display uses high-quality 7-inch industrial-grade liquid crystal display, featuring high brightness, low power consumption, long life, etc. The guest display uses 22-bit high-brightness LED display to display tare, weight, unit price, amount and other information.
Temperature range: temperature -10 ° C -40 ° C
Humidity: 90% without condensation
Power: DC24V power supply, built-in lithium battery, sustainable use for 12 hours
Printer: embedded 58mm thermal printer, printing speed: 100mm / s, print head life 50km
Keyboard: waterproof membrane keyboard, 64 shortcut keys, the key life is not less than 2 million times
External interface: Ethernet interface *1; 232 interface *1; PS/2 interface *1; cash box interface *1; USB interface *1
Range: Support for connecting multiple ranges, 3kg-1000kg
Product information: support local storage of 10,000 product information, 30,000 transaction records
Cashier: Support cashier management and department management
Wireless transmission: WIFI/GPRS
RFID module high frequency: 13.56MHz read and write
Support Agreement: 14443A, 15693, NFC
Reading distance: 0cm-5cm
Main functions and features
1. Select high-quality industrial grade 7-inch high-definition liquid crystal display with high brightness, low power consumption and long life;
2. The whole machine adopts food grade stainless steel material design, supports desktop and pole type installation methods, and has strong vibration resistance and firmness;
3, embedded large gear printer, dust-proof design, fast printing speed, long life;
4, powerful networking function, flexible choice of Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS, easy access to LAN, WAN, cloud system;
5, built-in RFID module, easy to achieve accurate management of members, operators, and access to the warehouse;
6, support cash, stored value cards, mobile payments and other payment methods;
7, real-time upload transaction and operation information, support network disconnection operation, network recovery automatic upload;
8, support the optional 12V/10000mAh lithium battery, to achieve the "wireless" use of the whole machine, continue to work for more than 12 hours
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